Me: Host? I let you come on to me.

???: That's not what happened before. As I recall, you decided to accept me only because you couldn't get free.

Me: What ever, why don't you just go find another host then.

???: I don't want to. Your perfect. Full of hate, pain, suffering, you want chaos, anarchy. You are so irresistible!

Me: True, but ew. So what do I call you then?

???: I am your symbiote suit, name me what you want.

Me: Suit eh? That means....hehehe, we'll be Toxic.

Toxic: Toxic? I like it. I need to explain to you some rules about me. Number one, use me how ever you want as long as you create a equal amount of chaos. Number two, I don't just activate like that, if you want to use the suit, you must think of something evil or chaotic, which ever. Number three, I'm not a video game and come with a list for attacks, you must learn to use my unique abilities. Number four, when the "Toxic" state, you are not invincible, you will fill pain and you will fill it hard, or lightly, depending on how you are hit. Lastly, number five, when in the "Toxic" state, the more rage, you get, the stronger you are, the more crazy you are, the quicker you strike, and the more angered you are, the more you can take hits. If you fill a mix of all them, then great, you are a destructive weapon then! Now, lets have fun.

I awake to find that I am still in the lab.

Me: Toxic?

Toxic: We will begin with some exercises. Now, lets get the suit up. The suit will be designed by what you first feel to make appear. Think of something chaotic or evil.

I think of when my friend and I were at a show with our favorite band. The chaos everyone created moshing around. At least until the police came in and shot a band member, that was the first time I realized my goal to destroy the government. Sure I had some things before that made me want to, but this meant more because that guy was one my friends.

Toxic: Ooo, I love this! Okay, now use it to call upon the suit!

I use it to mold a suit for me. I feel it moving through me. A black suit. Three red diagonal stripes on my chest that start from my right shoulder to my left side. A red spider on my right shoulder and back. The spider on my back looks as if it is bleeding the way some of the of the symbiote slides down it but quickly dries. On it is a anarchy A on it in black. My mask is black but the eyes are similar to Carnage's wicked eyes.

Toxic: Lovely suit you have for us. And claws? Great!

He's right, I have claws instead of hands. I look in the mirror to see how I look. Just as I imagined it.

Toxic: Come, the first move needs to begin! It is simple. Thrusting your arm out to attack people. Think of your arm as a chain. Thrust!

I think of it as a chain and thrust. Nothing happens. I go again. Nothing. Once more. It is starting to go out. I go some more. After 30 minutes of trying and Toxic yelling at me, I can make it go as long as a basket ball court.

Toxic: Great! The more you practice, the better you get and the longer as well. You may be able to other body parts as well. The next step is to grab on to things. Web is such a drag. At least if you use claws, you can grapple your way to things, such as enemies or propel your self higher or father. Your arms are like rubber bands, chains, or a fishing rod. Think of them as rubber bands when trying to propel your self up or out. Chains for when you are trying to hit something. Fishing rod for reeling things to you or reeling yourself in. Try using the reel thrust to get to the top of that building.

I throw my arm out to grab onto the ledge. I grab hold think of my arm as fishing rod. I get to the top where I just leap onto the building.

Toxic: Good, use the rubber band thrust to get all the way to top of the lab.

I grab hold of a bill board in front of me and pull back. I am launched out before know it. I land labs roof.

Toxic: Excellent you learned that well! Lets learn to shoot out webs. We are not Spider-Man, so don't use his crappy ass rock on hand. We are going hold our fist out and open it. Think exactly of throwing water balloons. But think of them as if they are filled with web. If correctly, then you can create a instant cobweb trap just a ball of web. Don't worry, you are literally shooting plasma or toxic that I don't need, and it is endless. Try.

I hold my right fist out. I open it as if I was going catch something. I think of red water balloons. They are filled with web. To distinguish the web ones from the cobweb ones, the cobwebs have a cobweb on the balloon. To do these things he says, I actually have to do it. It is like I am in a room. One wall is what I see, the other three are red it cobwebs. The things I need are my floor. I pick up a balloon and toss it. I shoot a web ball.

Toxic: Wonderful! The last thing I can teach you is to melt down into a puddle of goo. To do this, inside your room thing, have a pool, a big kiddie pool. Get in it, that is how the melting works. To move around, get down and crawl. Don't worry when you are crawling, you will see what happens through your eyes again. Man, your room thing is confusing.

Me: Well to you it is.

I get down into the pool and crawl around. I am sliding through the sewers. I find a opening. It is inside the woman's restroom in a classy restaurant. I step out smelling like BS. I release my suit and smell like frebreeze. A girl my age, who goes to my school is freaking out. I step out and as soon as the door closes, she screams.

Toxic: Lets have fun, shall we?

Me: You bet!

I jump through the window, it is 4 stories high. I thrust my arms out and grab onto ledges, swinging from one to another. As soon as I get to a building, a quick strike goes across my face. Who is it? I look at the person responsible for it. Spider-Girl is in front of me, about to throw a punch!