She through another punch at me. I moved slightly and punched her in the stomach. Unguarded, I grab her by her head and beat her down into the ground. I was ambushed from behind by a . I turned and to see another famous superhero, The Human Torch. I grabbed him by his leg and thrust my arm into a building. That seemed like a end for him, at least for now. Spider-Girl gets up and begins beating while I have my back turned. She kicks me in the back and I fly off and into the streets. She follows behind me.

Me: What is your problem? I haven't done anything bad, yet, hehehehehe!

Spider-Girl: You just destroyed Le Fantasy!

Me: What?

Spider-Girl: The french restaurant.

Me: Oh, well excuse me! Why don't you go find another fight, I am trying to get down the basics of my new powers.

Spider-Girl: Oh, you just got them? To bad! You ruined my perfect date!

I kick her in the face. She flies into a building. I grab a ledge and hop onto a new building. The Torch comes up again, but is greeted by my fist to his face and his landing wasn't all that sweet too. He fell onto some old man and killed him. Spider-Girl comes up again.

Spider-Girl: You son of a b-

My palm crashes into her face.

Me: Don't you ever shut up!?

I force her head into a wall. I hear a chopper. I turn to look and see, a channel 5 news chopper flying by. Spider-Girl makes an attempt to hit me. I turn to her and catch her hand.

Me: Sorry honey.

I knee her in the stomach and throw her at the chopper. It goes down. Feeling a since of kindness, I went over to the edge and grabbed her before she hit the concrete. I pulled her up and left her on the rooftop as I melted away and left.