I return home. My suit slowly retracts.

Toxic: That was sweet of you to rescue her like that. To bad you don't know each other.

Me: What does that have to do with anything?

Toxic: If it was someone you hate, you'd let them die. If it was someone you loved, you'd let them live. Sadly I still have no clue as to why you saved her.

Me: She reminded me of someone. Someone I know.

Toxic: Someone you love! What's her name?

Me: May Love.

Toxic: May Love? Odd......ah.....never mind. Sleepy sleepy, see you in the morning.

I fall asleep on my bed. I wake up the next day, Thursday, school. I get up and grab my usual clothes, plaid pants, bullet belt, boots and off course, Total Chaos shirt. I usually wear this shirt when something good has happened. I jump down the stairs and head out the door. Mom always tries to get me to eat before I go, that's why I wake up around 7:00Am where as she wakes 30 minutes after. I usually take the school bus to school. I get stuck at the back with the goth girls and nerd boys. The goth girls are okay but tend to be really mean. It is much better than being with preps and scenes teens. The nerds are cool as well, they help me with geometry. I wait for it at bust stop, it always tries to find another way around me. This time it came to me. I hopped on and in the front was May. She smiled and waved. I did the same and continued on scowling at the others. My seat is by my two some how closest friends. Devon and Jolene. Devon is the smartest guy on the bus. He always has some kind of creation to help him through the day. Today was his atomic ray beam pen. I took it apart once, I have no idea how h has it work, because it looked like a regular pen. Jolene is this cool goth girl, she listens to a couple bands I know. She has been my friend for a year or two as where Devon has been for five. She always carries her black make up as well as a bible to laugh at.

Devon: Whats up Ty?

Me: Nothin, hows your pen?

Devon: Finally got it to work again after you took it apart.

Jolene: And he hasn't shut up about it.

Devon: Your just mad because you are a imbecile compared to me!

Jolene: You wish, nerd.

Me: I guess I haven't missed much.

Toxic contacts me within my mind.

Toxic: Ty, explain to me your deal with the girl May. Tell me the story.

Me: It began when I was in 6th grade. I was just like the kids. I was a new student at the elementary school. The kids there wouldn't talk to me. Well May was one of them, in fact, she despised me the most. It was at the end of the year when it was raining. She sneaked into school after hours with some friends to take the answer key for the big test the next day. It just so happened that I was there too. The school was prepared and had security guards every where. Some how we all got in at the same time. Her friends made a commotion about it and security guards came. I grabbed her hand, took her around to the closet and we hid there. The security guards came and took them away. They searched everywhere and were about to open the closet when they had heard a loud explosion. You see, Devon had created a bomb for me with a remote control. I put it in the cafeteria's refrigerator. I was going to detonate it anyway. We got out, took the answers and ran off. We went down to my house and copied the answers. I told her that if she had to, go ahead an blame everything on me. She was happy and thanked me for save her ass. She kissed me and left. The next day, I through the test on ground, in front of the class, making it seem that someone took it nut dropped it. May started talking to me and hanging out with me. It was in 8th grade that she stopped hanging out with me because her new friends thought that I was weird. Mainly because in seventh grade I was becoming a punk. The preps were happy because they thought I would make the most popular girl in school a punk as well. So now, we barely talk. I mean we talk on some occasions, but not often.

Toxic: Ah. Well that was nice to know.

Me: Hey, you asked.

Bus Driver: We are here!

My friends and I get out and head to our classes. Same old usual day. People harassing us, yelling at us, calling us names, throwing things at us and of course, trying to pick fights. It was lunch sooner than I knew it. I grabbed pizza and went over to my pals at tour table. My best friend John wasn't here today. He is a punk like me. We both became punks at the same time and have been friends ever since. I look to my left and see May at the prep table. She always looks so bored over there. She even plays with her food sometimes, like when we did when we were still in seventh grade.She looks over and smiles. I smile and wave. Her boyfriends walks in.

David: Yo! What up ma b***h? I'm just kidding.

May: Yeah, well sometimes it sounds like your not.

My hearing is increased now. I can hear everything better. May turns to her pals and they start whispering as David and his friends talk as loud as possible.

May: Oh, I need to brake up with him soon.

Marry: You bet.

Leeana: You said you'd do it now, so do it.

May: I'm scared.

Marry: Why? You got Tyler over there. You know he'd come over and kick this b***h's ass if he tries to do anything.

May: Do you really think so? I doubt it.

Leeana: Well, if he won't back you up, then we will.

May: I love you guys, here I go.

She turns to David. Her friends tell everyone, so that everyone looks. My back is turned. They hope that it will spread to my table so that I may notice. Well they succeed. A nerd tells Devon and he tells us. We look to see what is going to happen.

May: David, you are really nice and sweet and all, but I want to break up. You always say mean things about my friends and I.

Truth is that he does. In the locker rooms, he is always calling her his bitch or his whore and he'll say horrible things like "she'd suck me off for free" or when he's with his friends, "hey lets all f**k her real good, so that she bleeds it out". Even in front of her he still addresses her by whore, bitch, slut, skank and other mean things.`Sometimes she cries when his back is turned. But that is what I expected from this low life Mexican trying to act as if he is a bad ass in front of others. He gives other Mexicans a bad name.

David: What you hoe!?!

May: I-I-I said t-t-that-

Me: Said she wanted to break up dick.

David: Why don't you sit down and shut up before I put mine in your mouth! She's my whore so I will talk to her anyway I want.

Me: Yeah, not anymore, because she just broke up with your ass. Now piss off before I have to make you!

David: Bring it on fuck stick!

Me: My pleasure!

I jump at him, pushing us out the window. We walk over to the gym. I open it and he follows. People come from every where to see. Sadly I locked it. The doors have no windows, so people have to stand on top of each other to see through the windows at the top of the building. I think of my friend who got shot by the cops and turn into Toxic. I release my fury of attacks on him as he screams in fear. The people out side can only hear screams and thumps against the wall. Hard thumps, because I grabbed him by his legs and am thrusting him at the walls. It goes silent followed by a loud snap as I break his arm. After is a loud scream. My suit comes off and I walk out untouched. People run in to see what happened. I continue on my day as people come up to me and ask me about it. I was called a couple times, but since no saw what happened or knows what went on, they have to let me go. May comes up to me while I am sitting with my pals on the bus.

May: Um, thanks Ty. I don't know what happened in there but I know you stood up for me. Do you think you could accompany me to a movie?

Me: No problem.

May: Cool, see you at 7!

She gets off at this stop.

Devon: So tell us, what really did happen.

I grab them close to me and whisper;

Me: I have a symbiote suit. Don't tell or I'll do what I did to him times 2.

I then get off.