Giant Squid
Giant Squid
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Richard Parvan




Spider-Man Fanon: Giant Squids

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Giant Squid is the name of one of the most deadly villains ever encountered. He originally was Richard Parvan, but after he was strangled by a Giant Squid on a boat trip, the tentacle he was strangled with gave him supernatual powers, including the ability to stretch his arms and wrap them around objects. He also had the ability to pick up, crush, and even destroy boats of any size, with the exception of enormous ships such as aircraft carriers. He also had the ability to breathe underwater, and could see farther than any other eye, a huge distance of 3.57 miles. Spider-Man met him in Spider-Man Fanon: Giant Squids. The long rivalry ended with Spider-Man Fanon: Rockwall. The rivalry ended when the Giant Squid was forced to turn back to his original form by the bite of a whale (the prey of wild Giant Squids).


Early yearsEdit

The marine biologist Richard Parvan was on a sea expedition in the Pacific. Once he spotted a Giant Squid, he thought about reporting it to the Captain of the ship, the Evergreen. However, before he could think anything, a tentacle grabbed him and forced him underwater. Richard was instantly knocked unconcious, as a Giant Squid strangled him around the neck with a tentacle. The tentacle released a glowing green substance—called Squidspray—that entered Richard's ear and to his brain, which automatically told it to divide it into every single cell in his arms and legs.

Richard woke up with tentacles instead of arms and legs on his body. Almost fainting, he kept himself awake, and was suprised to see he could breathe underwater for an unlimited amount of time. Playing with his tentacles, he figured out that they could grab, push, throw, and pull objects. Another feat he accomplished was the fact that the tentacles could swing him across chasms and gaps. The last thing he discovered in himself were the abilities to see across far distances and to wreck ships that were either small or medium in size. Richard could not break aircraft carriers with his tentacles.

Richard swam all over the water, getting used to these suprising new abilities. He still did not believe them, he was certain it was a dream. After a long while, he swam to the coast of the Hawaiian Islands, discovering he had amazing speed in swimming. He finally decided it wasn't a dream, as he hurt himself seveal times.



The Energizer battling Giant Squid.

The Squidspray also modified his mind in the way that he could only be a villain. Thus, he planned to attack any superheroes alive and in his area. He finally dubbed himself "The Giant Squid" with the title "supervillain." After wrecking a tour bus around a beach, the local police came after him. It was here he tested the full power of his tentacles. He was able to pick up police cars with his tentacles and throw them at helpless people. The battle ended when the police fled in their cars back to their station. Giant Squid jumped into the water, heading for the coast of the United States of America. The news of the new villain spread throughout the country in a week.

After navigating to the coast of northern California, he was able to cause many more disruptions, and Californian-based superheroes began to appear everywhere—some including The Energizer, the Red Ghoul, and Serpent. The Energizer, able to shoot lightning bolts and fly, was easily defeated when one of his tentacles grabbed him in mid-air and slammed him against a building. The Red Ghoul, although not superhuman, was a superhero that flew in a small bushplane-type vehicle. Giant Squid hijacked the plane and threw Red Ghoul out of the window, eventually smashing the plane into the Serpent and escaping with his tentacles attatched to two lamposts. Two were killed; the Serpent's healing abilities took over after the plane smashed into his head. The Serpent never vowed revenge.

After the encounter with the three superheroes, Giant Squid retreated to New York. New York was where the "Spider-Man" was. To prove his might to the citizens of America, he would have to kill one of their most famed and formidable superheroes. He would have to duel the famous Spider-Man. He mostly stayed in rural areas so he would not be seen in the city. Meanwhile, Spider-Man heard of the news of the Giant Squid and took a plane to California, following the same route as Giant Squid.


Along the way to finding Spiderman, Giant Squid found great amusement in wrecking ships. While swimming in the Missouri River, Giant Squid noticed a passenger liner along the river. He pushed his four tentacles up (both arms and legs) and grabbed several people at the rails. After spotting five escape ships, he destroyed those. However, two people survived and brought the news to the local press, telling them that a "Giant Squid Attacked Our Cruiser on the Missouri River."

Other instances where he created havoc were the Mississippi River, Lake Supreme, Lake Michigan, and a small lake. As he neared New York, he began planning his entire battle with Spider Man.