Jeffrey R. Tamiti [1959-March 6th 2003] is a criminal who has gained fame as being responsible for His father's death and the death of Spider-man's best friends.Jeffrey Rushdie Tamiti was born in 1959 to a filipino mother and an senegalese father.His father died from gun shot wounds obtained in a botched robbery orchestarted by him in 1980. his mother often abused him hurling racial slurs against him.Jeffrey harbored an devil-like hatred of his mother even going so far as to nearly cut off her clitoris.He moved to New Jersey and met Tamika Mcwild and quickly became involved in Extortion murder and drug trafficking.Tamiti was very charismatic a lot of criminals respected him and he attracted the ladies. In 1997 his wife left him after learning of his crminal activites and his infidelities.Angered he than went on a killing spree shooting up Spider-man's closest friends.When Spider-man heard about this he hunted him down and vowed to make him pay.On March 6th 2003 Spider-man shot him in the head thus getting his vengance for his gun-downed freinds