Leo Faulkner is a mobster and leader of the 29st street crime syndicate and one of spiderman's presistent foes.Leo Faulkner was born in harlem to an african american mom and a french father.He graduated high school in 1972 and went on to become a wealthy buisnessmen he meets spiderman in 2003 and instantly takes a hating to him.He starts the 29st street crime syndicate in early 04 and tries to eliminate spiderman and those nearest to him.He poisons aunt may by stabbing her in the arm with a syringe of scorpion venom it instantly kills her.Lastly he has his henchmen Big Devil and Four eye run over spiderman.However spiderman manages to shoot them with an ak-47 killing them.He than goes to the triboro bridge and has an epic gunfight with Leo spiderman eventually wins and kills Leo in cold blood