Michael Wiggins Briggs [born September 11th 1983] also known as the San Louie Bomber is an american terrorist who committed 369 bombings for the group anarchists world of tomorrow the bombs which killed 37 people and injured 59 was the worlds most horrific terrorist attack.he claimed he committed the bombings because he was frustrated with spider-man getting all the attention and what he feels is the radical civil rights agenda.he fights spider-man on top of a building and loses. spider-man nearly kills him but decides to spare his life something which he regrets.He along with Giorgio Forshaw participate in the gangrape of Spiderman's Aunt May and murder her by brutally tearing out her heart with a chainsaw.Consumed with rage Spider-man chases them down where they have an epic fight on the whitestone bridge.He shoots both Michael and Giorgio and flings their body over the whitestone bridge and into the water.Happy that he finally enacted his revenge.He was portrayed by Justin Timberlake