Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

is a story of a boy in New York, whose life was changed after a mere spider bite. The theme song is My Hero by the Foo Fighters. It is in a first person view of Peter Parker. Text written in green is in the first person view of Gwen Stacy. It takes place in the Maximum Universe.


Main CastEdit

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Yvonne Strahovski as Mary Jane Watson (Season 2)

Hayden Christensen as Harry Osborn

Kristen Bell as Felicia Hardy

Megalyn Echikunwoke as Gloria Grant

Matt Lauria as Eddie Brock

Recurring CastEdit

as Flash Thompson

as Curt Connors

as Aunt May

as Uncle Ben

as Randy Robertson

as J. Jonah Jameson

as Robbie Robertson


as Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

as Flint Marko (Sandman)

as Max Dillon (Electro)

as Hammerhead

as Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich (Rhino)

as Adrian Toomes (Vulture)

as Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus, Doc Oc)

as Roderick Kingsley (Hobgoblin)

as Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)

as Kraven the Hunter

as Quentin Beck (Mysterio)


Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Don Cheedle as James "Rhody" Rhodes (War Machine)

Hugh Jackman as James Howlett/Logan (Wolverine)

Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner (The Hulk)


Season 1Edit

Episode 1, Pilot- I walked into the kitchen in my house. Five years old, and I never even thought that my life would change this much. I saw my father, Richard, with my mother, Mary. They looked at me completely silent. After about a minute of silence, My father said, "Peter could you go back up to your room and go to sleep? Your mother and I have some things to discuss." There was a tear, that fell down my mother's cheek.

"I had a scary dream." I said like anyone would after they had my dream. But it wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare. "You and mommy left to go pick up something and never came back." A tear now fell down my cheek. It wasn't a dream I had told them about. It was my nightmare. The thing I drempt about every night.

"Peter, don't worry. We are not going anywhere." My mother said. I believed her too. She held out her arms and I ran to them. I looked at the clock that was behind my mother. Three Forty-One A.M. What were they discussing? Well I'll never know. My father brought me to bed and tucked me in like he always did. And I never learned what they were talking about.

The next morning I woke up at Ten O'Clock A.M. Not your average night sleep for a five year-old. Well I was not your average kid. My parents were yelling at each other in a low tone that they hoped I would not hear. Well I did.

"You know we have to Mary! We can't just let it go un-attended!"

"This is our only son we're talking about! Get someone else to do it!"

"We can't do that! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us! We might be able to come back once the plan is complete. Now go wake him up. We have to take him to May's house."

She came into my room like every morning, and woke me up. I hugged her as tight as I could and said, "Mommy I don't want you to go. Stay with me. Please mommy I don't know what I'd do without you." I started crying so loudly and so long that my mother cried too. My father came into the room and interrupted everything. My mother let go and wiped her eyes. I ran to my dad's leg and grabbed on so tight he could not get me off. He forced a chuckle and said "I love you too, Pete." And then he saw my mom. She was crying, and when he saw my eyes, his eyes filled with water. He shut his eyes and looked away to hold in his tears. "Come on son, we have to go."

I got out of the car to see my uncle Ben waiting at the door. My parents took me in the house, and my dad said, "Peter you are destined for great things. Just not with me and your mother guiding you through it. You're going to say with your aunt and uncle for a while. There is something that me and your mommy have to do. I promise you, we will be back soon. Come on Mary." I watched in sorrow as my parents left me. My uncle Ben and aunt May were there, but I felt as if I was the only one on this planet.

My parents got into their car and I ran after them. I could not bear to see my parents leave me. I screamed, "Daddy No! Don't leave me! Take me with you!" My dad opened the trunk from a button on his steering wheel and said, "Take everything you find in there. Everything. And then go back inside with your uncle."

I went to the back to get what was inside. I found a check out to my aunt and uncle for $1,000,000.00. I didn't even know we had that kind of money. I found a binder, filled with all of the best memories I'd had. When I learned to ride a bike, When I said my first word. My third birthday party. Everything. And then there was one more thing. A formula. Not something I could've even hoped to understand at that age. I closed the trunk and went over to my dad. I had only one thing to say. "Daddy, what was my first word?" There was a long wait before he said anything.


I walked back to the house and watched my parents drive away. As they did, a man walked out of his driveway. He was tall, and has a strong look to him. He walked over to their car and pulled out a gun. "Get out of the car now! NOW!" They did as I watched in terror. He walked over to the car and got in. "Good now stand still." He said. He rolled up the window almost all of the way, and then I saw something that would never leave my mind. The gun. I saw two flashes, then two more, and heard four pops. My mother and father fell to the ground and my uncle Ben and aunt May ran out. I was in shock, and too panicked to move. They were dead.

And now I stand in the same spot. Thirteen years later, and all I can see is the man in the car shooting them. I swear I will get revenge.

Episode 2, Sophomore, Part 1- I opened my bedroom door dredding the upcoming day. First day of school again. My Sophomore year felt like it would be the worst day of my life. I had two best friends. Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, the owner of OsCorp Industries. He had it all. And Eddie Brock, only he didn't go to M3 High anymore. He went to Manhattan Honor Students. Doctor Curtis Connors, one of the smartest men in New York, was the Physicist in MHS. We had a field trip there, on that very day. Fifth period through 10th. I got so pumped up when I heard about it. Then I saw it. My schedule was so booked up this year.

My Schedule
X 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th X
Mon. Homeroom Phys. Ed Physics Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall Lunch Biology Optional Study Hall Optional Study Hall X
Tues. Homeroom Phys. Ed Physics Physics Algebra 2 Free Period Art Lunch Italian Renaissance Algebra 2 Optional Study Hall X
Wed. Homeroom Phys. Ed Biology Algebra 2 Algebra 2 Study Hall Art Lunch Optional Study Hall Greek Mythology Optional Study Hall X
Thurs. Homeroom Tech Ed Biology Study Hall Physics Study Hall Free Period Lunch Free Period Phys. Ed Optional Study Hall X
Fri. Homeroom Tech Ed Physics Study Hall Study Hall Free Period Lunch Free Period Biology Optional Study Hall Optional Study Hall X

"Hey Peter, how about I drive you to school today?"

"Uhhh, no thanks Uncle Ben, I think I'll just grab a ride from Harry today."

"Okay Pete but later today, I'm driving you, me, and May to the Farmer's Market. Why don't you ask your girlfriend, oh what was her name? Umm, Gwen, Stace? Stacy? Gwen Stacy! That's her name."

"Okay Uncle Ben, and no she's not my girlfriend. We're just friends."

"That's how me and May were in high school. Just wait Pete. You know, these are the moments in life, that show you who you are going to be for the rest of your life."

"Don't worry Uncle Ben. I'll be living a normal life just like you and Aunt May."

"That's what you say now, but With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility."

"Okay Ben. I'll see you tonight."


The bus drove straight by me at the bus stop. I wasn't getting a ride from Harry, I hadn't told anyone, but me and him weren't on the best of terms right now, because he tried out for the football team. And made it. Since then he had fallen into the in crowd. The popular group. Flash Thompson, Rand Robertson, and that group. I've tried getting in that group, but when I tried out for the Freshman Basketball team last year, I became a "Forest Hills Loser", which means someone who will be stuck in Forst Hills for the rest of their lives. Gwen was closer to getting in to the in crowd than me. Her best friend, Glory Grant, who lives next door to me, was in the in crowd. Gwen Occasionally hung out with them, but I never did. Gwen was just as smart as me, only she hated being called a nerd. Now I was left with Gwen. No one else but us. That would be awkward after what happened on the last day of school last year.

I stepped on the bus right after Gwen. She went to step on the last stair, but slipped and fell. I couldn't do anything but catch her, so I let out my arms. It felt as if the world had stopped, and it were only me and Gwen. Like I was drowning in that sea of blue around her pupils. Then my bus driver Frank yelled, saying "Lets move it! Save the romance for the movies!" Gwen's cheeks blushed, as did mine. So I put her down, and we went to the back of the bus. As we walked, Flash Thompson stuck out his leg, right in front of mine. I fell, like I always did when he did that. They all laughed, except for Gwen. She bent down, and said, "Don't worry about them. They're all jerks." She took both my hands, and she helped me up. We stood there, then I realized we were holding hands. Flash shoved me straight into her, then the music in my head stopped playing. We sat down in the very back, 3 seats away from anyone else. I opened my bag, to take out my books. I said, "Well I guess I'll get started on my Summer homework." As I was pulling out my books, Gwen put her hand on mine.

"Do that later. Lets just enjoy the time we have together." I put the books back in, and just sat there, wondering why her hand was still on mine. She started moving my hand, and then my backpack was zipped even though I didn't do it. Then she let go.

"So do you have your eye on any girls?"

"Yeah one girl I know." I said.

"Is she cute?"


"Well, what does she look like?"

"Well, to begin, she has long, blond hair, cute blue eyes, and she's very pretty."

"What's her name?"

"I think you know." We didn't even notice that everyone else on the bus were gone, and we had missed our stops.

"Lets go! We don't have all day!" Frank said annoyingly. We got off the bus and had to walk 3 miles back to her house. We talked the whole way there.

"Well Gwen, it looks like we got to your house alright. Come on, I'll walk you in. We walked up the steps, not realizing that it was an hour and a half past Gwen's curfew.

"Gwen! Get in here right now!" Her father yelled.

"You know I should probably go now. I'll call you." I ran down the steps, knowing that her father would get the wrong idea. She grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. She threw her arms around me and kissed me.

"Bye Pete." She whispered.

Episode 3, Sophomore, Part 2- I walked into the courtyard. Gwen was sitting in the fountain with Glory Grant. Glory looked different. She didn't have Flash Thompson stuck to her. Gwen still didn't notice me. I hadn't seen her all Summer, and I was dreading, and looking forward to this moment. I didn't know where we stood. Was she my girlfriend? Was she my friend? Or should I have stayed away from her? I didn't know. All I could do was walk over. As I started walking, Glory saw me. She tapped Gwen on the shoulder, and I couldn't think of what to do, other than to act cool. But that never works.

As usual, I turned into a freakshow. I tripped, over my own foot, and my lunch fell out. My chips fell everywhere, my sandwich fell apart, and a picture of Gwen that I had in my bag fell out and was caught in the wind. It went over to the one person I hoped it wouldn't. Flash Thompson.

"Hey Parker. Nice to see you and your geek girlfriend finally became a couple."

"She's not a geek. Shutup Flash."

"Oooooooh who finally developed a backbone! Too bad it's still yellow."

"If anyone is a coward it's you Flash. Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

"Why don't you pick fights with people your size? The Pre-School is 2 miles away but I bet you can make it before nap time."

"Flash you're a jerk. Just leave me and Gwen alone." I walked away, then remembered he still had the picture. I walked back and tried to grab the photo, but he lifted it out of my reach. I couldn't think of what to do, mostly because anger was crowding my judgement. I punched him as hard as I could in the stomach, but I wasn't thinking of the consequences. It didn't even seem to hurt him at all.

He raised his fist as far up as he could, but someone stepped in front of me. I immediately knew who it was. Gwen. She put her hands up, to stop Flash. As bad as he was, he couldn't hit a girl.

"Having a girl fight your battles huh Parker?" Flash said. Flash's face flashed with terror, much to my delight. Gwen slapped him and I could see a red handmark on Flash's face.

"Come on Pete." She grabbed my hand and walked me over to the fountain. Flash never gave me the picture back. As I looked back, he ripped it in half. At least Gwen never saw it.

Her hand was warm. It made me feel as if I was in heaven. Like nothing could hurt me. I was invincible.

"Hey Pete," Glory said. "How was your Summer Vacation?"

"Not to bad," I started. "Me and Harry aren't really on the best of terms."

"That's too bad." The bell rang, and it was time to go to homeroom.


Homeroom came, and passed, and Phys. Ed., and so on. Then the time came. Time to go to Manhattan College, Manhattan Biology Expertise.

Episode 4, Bite- Gwen and I walked onto the bus. The only thing I could think about was our last bus ride together. When I fell in love with her. We walked to the back of the bus. Again. Still far away from anyone else. I was hoping that Glory and Harry would sit with us. But they didn't. They sat with eachother, in the middle of the "Popular Group."

"So Pete, how was your Summer?"

"Not too bad. I got second place in the Summer Science Fair. I lost the paper and don't know who got first. How about you?"

"Ahem, first."

"Oh that's great!"

"Yeah," She said akwardly. She could tell I was trying to act normal. I remember thinking, 'Come on Parker, tell her.' I tried, but things never go as planned in my life.

"Gwen, I uh, I love–" I was cut-off by the bus driver.

"Come on kids we're here get off of my bus!"

"What were you saying Pete?"

"Oh it's nothing."


We walked into the school. I looked around, seeing all of the fabulous work Dr. Connors had done. It went from the cure for cancer he made, to perfect cloning. As we walked deeper in, Eddie saw us.

"Pete!" I grabbed Gwen's hand and ran over to Eddie.

"How's it going?" I said.

"Great. I love it here. So I see you too finally became the two perfect lovebirds."

"No we're just friends. What makes you say that?"

"Well you too are still holding hands." I took a quick look at Gwen. Her cheeks blushed and I could feel mine blush too. I expected her to let go, because I wasn't going to. But she never did, until Dr. Connors came over.

"Well, if it isn't Peter Parker. Eddie has told me all about your genious."

"Thank you, sir."

"And you must be Gwen Stacy. Eddie talks about you too. First place in the Science Fair I heard."

"Yes, Dr. Connors. Although I'm not nearly as smart as Peter."


Dr. Connors showed us the whole place.

"So Dr. Connors, I saw the cure for cancer you made. Very impressive."

"Oh, I didn't make that! Eddie, I think you should tell him."

"Tell me what?"

"Pete," Eddie started, "My father, and your father made that."

"No way, how did you get it?" Gwen asked.

"Richard used to work with me," Dr. Connors said, "I had nothing to do with it's creation though."

"Wow, does it work?" I said.

"It hasn't been fully tested on a human, but it has a very positive effect on dogs and cats."

Talking about my father made me think about the formula he had given me before he died. I had meant to bring it, but I forgot.

"Dr. Connors, my father gave me a formula before he died. Do you think you can de-code it? I never–" I was cut-off my a very, very bad pain I had gotten on the back of my neck. I fell to the ground screaming in agony.

"Parker!" Dr. Connors said. "You were bitten by a spider that was being tested on! It's bite is cancerous!"

"Dr. Connors how long does he have?" Gwen said with tears falling out of her eyes like downpour.

"Only a few minutes," Eddie said in fear. "Dr. Connors, we have to use the cure!"

"It might not work!"

"Just try!" Gwen cried out. She bent down next to me. "Pete don't die on me! I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Bring him over here," Dr. Connors said. Eddie grabbed my arms and dragged me over while Gwen watched in terror. Dr. Connors broke the glass and poured the cure on me. I blacked out.


I watched in fear as Peter was being brought to the hospital. If he died I would never be able to tell him I love him. They put him on a stretcher and everything. I was surprised at how many people came. It was me, Eddie, Harry and Glory in the ambulance with him, but to my surprise Flash, Rand, and all of the in-crowd came too. When we got there we brought him into the ER. Dr. Connors told them about everything. The cure, the spider, and the black-out. Just as we were going in to his room the doctor said that we had to stay in the waiting room. Then Peter started to whisper.

"Gwen... Don't go..."

"Which one of you is Gwen?" The doctor said.

"I am."


I stayed the whole night, skipped school for three days waiting for Peter to wake up.

"Pete, I love you," I said. I bent over to him. I kissed him, hoping that it would get the feeling out of me. It didn't, until I grabbed his hand and he squeezed back.

"Gwen," He whispered. Then his eyes started to open. "I love you." And his eyes closed again. That's when the feeling came out of me.


I woke up, and the last thing I remember was telling Gwen I loved her. She had kissed me, and she didn't know, but I kissed her too. The doctor gave me the okay to go home, but to stay in bed for a few days.


When I got home, Aunt May and Uncle Ben were furious.

"Where have you been for the past 3 days!?!" Aunt May said.

"We were worried sick!" Uncle Ben added.

"I was at the hospital. I was bitten by a spider, and the bite was cancerous."

"Peter," Uncle Ben started, "Do you have–"

"No. My father's cure got rid of it. Why didn't you ever tell me about it?"

"Richard's cure?" Aunt May said.


"I didn't even know he made a cure."

"Me either," Uncle Ben said.

"So you can stay mad at me, but I have to stay in bed for the next couple days." I walked upstairs, and my vision was starting to get blurry, even though I had my glasses on. I opened my door, and tried to slam it shut. But the door was stuck to my hand. I had to actually push to get it off. I lied down, and immediately fell asleep.

Episode 5, Equip- I was walking up the stairs as I heard thousands, millions of people cry out to me. They all had their hands pulling me toward them. I didn't know why they wanted my help, but I had this feeling I didn't want. I wanted to hurt, to kill the one who hurt them. I didn't know how, or why, but I felt alot more powerful than I usually did. And I usually felt weak, so it was great.


I had him in my hands. He had razor-sharp teeth, and wings similar to large knives. His neck seemed to get smaller, as I squeezed. His eyes faded, and he exhaled, and never inhaled. I dropped him, and in my mind I was disgusted at what I did. I dove off of the skysraper, somehow knowing I would land safely.


I woke up, alarm clock screaming. I had forgotten to turn it off. The dream was still haunting me, and the man beared a similar resemblance to Adrian Toomes, who worked for Harry's dad Norman. Just thinking about him made my skin crawl. "Peter? Is that you?" My aunt May said.

"Yeah I'm up in my room!"

"I'm making pancakes! Do you want any?"

"No I'm okay." It was weird. I wasn't hungry, but everyday in the morning I was. Footsteps aproached my door step by step. The door creeked open.

"Peter, are you feeling okay?" My uncle Ben said.

"Yeah, better than ever."

"I know things have been dramatic the last few days, but I want you to know we are not mad at you anymore."

"Anymore? I get cancer and you were mad at me!? I'm leaving, and don't try to follow me."


I left, with no place to go, and nothing to do but think. 'Ha. They're mad at me for being out late. I had cancer for god's sake!' I thought to myself. I was so busy thinking about the situation I had walked to where I normally would at this time. The bus stop. It stopped, and I was stuck. I couldn't walk away because then it would seem like I was skipping school, but if I went on I'd be going against the doctors wishes! I had to go on. I didn't have a doctors note, and aunt May hadn't called the school yet. I stepped up, only to see Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, Glory Grant, Rand, and Harry waiting for me.

"Surprise!" They all yelled together.

"We all knew you'd come," Gwen said.

"Thanks, you guys, but I don't need you all looking out for me. I'm fine on my own."

"Oh, come on, Pete," Gwen started. "Don't be like that."

I smiled. "Okay. For you." She smiled too.


I sat in class, not even noticing the slightest bit the teacher was calling me.

"Peter? Peter?! PETER!"

"Huh? What?"

"The nurse just called. She said your aunt called you in sick. Are you feeling okay?"

"Yeah, great. Just, the doctor told me to stay home but he didn't give me a note."

"Well, Peter. You can't be in school if your aunt doesn't want you to be. Go home, get some rest. Come back when you're ready."


I started walking home. I passed the pizzeria, the bakery, then I got to Stop 'n' Shop. There was nothing but silence. Everyone was kneeling on the ground with their hands behind their heads. My cell phone rang.


"Peter!" My uncle Ben started. "Where are you? I'm going to come get you."

"I'm at Stop 'n' Shop. There's a robbery in progress. Call the police."

"Okay. But Peter, stay away from there. Run. As far as you can."

"I will." I hung up. I told him I would, but I couldn't. I had this feeling, that I could stop him. I couldn't have the publicity, though. There was a costume shop across the street. I ran in.

I went to the masks aisle, and tried to look for something that Captain America might wear in a situation like this. They had this perfect mask. Red, with two white eyes outlines in black shaped like a shark's tooth. I wanted to know if they had the body for it, so I ran to the purchasing section. There was a line for the items under $10.00, which no one was in. So I ran over to it.

"Ahhhh," the man started. "A wrestling mask. You are not going to buy the full suit? Just 20 more dollars."

"I'll take it."

It was perfect. Amazing. Spectacular. Ultimate. It was just what I needed. I ran into the bathroom, changed, and ran out. The store was still being robbed, so I ran over. The door opened automatically, which was loud enough so the thief could hear. He turned, and shot. I got a tingle in the back of my neck, and I naturally dodged left. He fired multiple shots this time, and I got the same feeling in the parts of my body he was going to hit. I leaped towards him, and wasn't hit by any of the bullets. It ran out of bullets, and he took out a knife he had. He lunged at me, and I got the tingle in the center of my chest. I jumped over him, so high I was going to hit the ceiling. I put my hands out to stop the impact, and I expected to drop, but didn't. I had to pull to get off, and the impact of the ground didn't hurt my feet at all. The thief was booking it by the time I got down, and I had no time to stop him. He was gone, and I hadn't stopped him. Until I didn, that would be slowly eating away at me.

Episode 6, Thief- The thief Peter stopped was not done with his work. He stops by a very familiar place. The money given to Peter by his father is burned in a minor flame in his house. His house is okay, but will he and Aunt May be?

Episode 7, Fight- Peter, desperate for money, enter a wrestling match. But when things go better than planned, will this become a regular thing?

Episode 8, Spider- Peter decides what to call himself as a Superhero. He recieves mostly positive reception, except from his new boss.

Episode 9, Cure- The cure Dr. Connors used to cure Peter finally starts to take it's toll on him. Will it gain full control of Peter?

Episode 10, Rid- Peter finally loses the Symbiote. But now he will have to find a new way to create webs. Luckily, his father gave him a formula, for something alot like this.

Episode 11, Gain- Peter gets the staff job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer. He gains from it, but will he be able to juggle this, school, and his 10:00 curfew?

Episode 12, Eddie- Eddie Brock finds the Symbiote, knowing that Spider-Man had it, and so did Peter. Angry for not telling him the secret, he uses the Symbiote to gain power.

Episode 13, Hidden- Eddie, now going by the name Venom, is hidden in Peter's everyday life, since the Symbiot has the power of Shapeshifting. Who is Eddie? And who did he kidnap?

Episode 14, Gone No More- Eddie is found amongst the crowd, and attacks the thing Peter loves most. In his most desperate hour, he must think. Who does he love more? Aunt May, or Gwen?

Episode 15, Holiday- Christmas comes, and Eddie is no where to be found. Peter decides to spend Christmas with Aunt May and Gwen, because Gwen's father is away in Iraq, and her mother died when Gwen was three.

Episode 16, Together- Peter and Gwen cannot hide their feelings anymore, and start a relationship. Will it last?

Episode 17, Norman- Harry's father Norman has been acting strange lately. Can Peter figure out why?

Episode 18, Return- Venom returns, and wreaks havoc among the city. He is more powerful than ever, and will Peter be able to defeat him?

Episode 19, Child- Venom's Symbiote is tested by Dr. Connors, but escapes his lab. The Symbiote was now an expirement, and was more powerful than normal.

Episode 20, Carnage- The Symbiote bonds with an already sychopath, Cletus Kasady. Being twice as powerful and insane as Venom, two enemies form a partnership to takedown this new enemy.

Episode 21, Leave- Eddie Brock decides to leave Queens, realizing he has better things to do than cause horror and pain on the world.

Episode 22, Forever- Peter has been struggling with his double life as Spider-Man and Peter Parker, and it is time for a decision. Can he keep lying to Gwen about why he has to go everytime there is bad news on the radio? This decision will affect him forever.

Season 2Edit

Episode 1, Mercenary- A Mercenary by the name of Deadpool has been hosting a live event, where he kills a villain, hero, villain, etc. Can Spider-Man stop him before he kills a rich playboy?

Episode 2, Stark- The millionaire Spider-Man saved turns out to be Tony Stark, the owner and CEO of Stark Industries. But that's not it, Stark has a secret of his own.

Episode 3, Start- Iron Man and Spider-Man decide to make a team, called the Maximum Avengers.

Episode 4, Thunder- Stark and Peter meet an Asgardian god named Thor Odinson the Thunderer, who seems to be a hero. They meet him, but find out he is much more than a citizen of Asgard.

Episode 5, Break- Spider-Man decides to take a break from the Maximum Avengers. Glory Grant, his next door neighbor, moves out and a red-head moves in.

Episode 6, September- Junior year starts and Summer vacation is over. But bad things are happening when Eddie Brock is back.

Episode 7, Ally- Spider-Man decides to fight Venom. But when Spider-Man's powers gradually decrease while fighting a white Venom, he gives Brock a chance to explain.

Episode 8, Over- Gwen and Peter are over. When Peter thinks he has made the worst decision of his life, he finds out it was the best.