Jeff Phil was an assassin. He worked for Kraven the hunter. A carnage symbiote was on the loose so Kraven ordered Jeff to kill it. Jeff was on the chase for it. He threw knifes at it and shot at it but it didn't kill it. He was chasing it for a long while. Later they were in a Hershey's chocolate factory. Jeff got chocolate on him. The symbiote dived into a cauldron of chocolate accidentally. He thought it was dead. But then it jumped out of the cauldron and hopped onto him. He didn't want it to take over his body. He felt so much rage. The symbiote completely got him. He looked like Carnage but he was brown. He had red eyes too. He decided to have the name Rage. Rage is often seen in swamps and muddy areas. He fought spiderman. He has his same powers too.