Rodney Bolumbeau is a billionaire and a painter who was once the employer of Mary Jane Watson. However he got his wealth via his criminal underworld leanings. He also obtained many Painting houses by unethical and deadly means going as far to hire the Hitman Dario Napier. to kill a rival painter and taking the company from him. He started an allegiance with Doctor Octopus. However the alliance was ended when he found his money in a decompression chamber Spider-Man appeared and said Doctor Octopus's right-hand man Hanz was the one who stole the money and hired someone to cripple him. He then proceeded to kick Hanz into the decompression chamber and set it to 9000 causing his body to expand and explode. He than hired a Bounty Hunter to bring his former ally to him so he could torture him. However Doctor Octopus was seemingly killed by Spider-Man. Spider-Man than proceeded to send the Bounty Hunter to his death. Infuriated he hired a thug named Josiah Genest to bring Spider-Man to him. He than proceeds to suspend Spider-Man over a rock-crusher and has his thug Josiah try to kick him off but Josiah was thrown into the rock-crusher killing him. He then sets the self-destruct mechanism on the warehouse to 5 minutes. He than fights Spider-Man and is defeated but makes his escape and is promptly arrested. He is voiced by Michael Jai White.