Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) Vs.Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds)

This is the start of a new Spider-Man video-game series. It takes place earlier in his career as Spidey and focuses on him being in high-school still.


Tangeled WebEdit

Peter is at his high school prom, and gets there with his date, Gwen Stacy, but The Tarantula crashes the party! Tarantula sends his minions, members of the mexican mafia!

A Game of Catch!Edit

Boomerang is sent by Hammerhead to crush Norman Osborn! Boomerang brings back up, though, tons of blood thirsty gangsters!

The Hunt Is OnEdit

Kraven tries hunting down Curt Connors when he transforms into The Lizard! Kraven's minions are his pet Lions and Wild Boars.


Sandman crashes the Midtown High beach party looking for the one guy that can find him Spidey, Peter Parker! His minions are sand monsters and mutant hermit crabs.

Surfs Up!Edit

After stopping Sandman, Peter tries to relax and return to enjoying his beach party... until Hydro-Man shows up with an army of sharks and evil dolphins!


Spider-Man must face up with Molten Man at the Hawaii themed fund-raiser where Jameson has him get photos. Molten Man minions are Lava Monsters, Wiki Tikies, and self duplicates of himself!

Goblin Vs. GoblinEdit

In the last level Spidey must stop a war between the Goblins! Green Goblin is in a duel to death with Hobgoblin... and when unmasked the Green Goblin is... Harry? Goblin minions are pumpkin-head bombs, Shocker clones and symbiotes.