Amazing Spiderman -699

Cover for #699

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Endgame: Prescript was the title for the main story of The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #699. It was written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Todd McFarlane. It is the last issue before Endgame.


Peter Parker is not afraid of death. But when his costume turns against him, he is afraid. Very afraid. He and MJ find themselves in a strange land, filled with twisted memories conjured by the costume. Peter guides MJ through the mass of rememberances, but the costume itself confronts them, and attaches itself to Peter. Peter struggles, but loses, losing the inner battle. However, MJ stays by him, urging him to fight the suit. May, on the outside, does as well. Peter flashes through his happier memories, not the dark ones the costume summons, and uses them to reject the suit. Angry, it seperates, attacking MJ, but Peter, in his old costume, steps up, and tears the costume peice from peice, it letting out a high pitched scream. The costume explodes from the outside, and Peter and MJ stand there, having ended one of Spider-Man's greatest threats: himself.


The issue recieve outstanding reviews. IGN wrote, "Stan's final issue before Endgame, and Todd's as well, is a well-crafted, emotional battle that takes Peter to a darker place then ever before. His ultimate victory is just as sweet and satisfying, as the costume tears itself apart. A masterpeice, can't wait for Endgame.