This takes place between Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions & Edge of Time



  • Silver Sable - Sable and her Enforcers, Fancy Dan, Montanna, and Ox steal a piece from the cosmic cube after Spider-Man accidently drops it and breaks it in half, unleashing the Zombieverse.
  • Rhino - Rhino gets his hands on a piece of the cube when it breaks and uses it to create evil Rhino's wich charge at Spidey.
  • Green Goblin - Norman Osborn gets another piece of the cube and uses it to create people with jack o' lantern heads and goblins.
  • Morbius - Morbius steals a piece of the cube and creates other vampires.
  • Chameleon and Man-Wolf appear as PS3 exclusives. She-Venom and Jack 'O Lantern appear as DS exclusives.


  • Deadpool - Deadpool uses a piece of the csomic cube to get his own army of walking chimichaungas and chicks in bikinies.
  • Mysterio - Mysterio uses his piece of the cube to create better illusions and his own evil army of spirits.
  • Hydro-Man - Hydro-Man uses his piece by creating an army of sharks, flooding the city, and creating duplicates of himself.
  • Scorpion - Scorpion uses his piece to create gigantic Scorpions and Human/Scorpion mutations.
  • Spot and Lizard appear as PS3 exclusives. Boomerang and Vermin appear as DS exclusives.


  • Tombstone - Tombstone uses his piece to create an evil army of Hammerhead clones and give himself super-strength.
  • Dr. Octopus - Dr. Octopus uses his piece to create "Octobots", robots with 4 mechanical tentacles, and to give him unlimited tentacles.
  • Shocker - Shocker uses his to create duplicates of himself and to give himself 2 extra arms.
  • Beetle - Beetle uses his pice to create giant mutant beetles and his own army of mobsters.
  • Kraven and Tarantula appear as PS3 exclusives. Puma and Prowler appear as DS exclusives.


  • Molten Man - Molten Man uses his piece to create lava monsters and give him more power so he can become "The Lava Lord."
  • Mister Negative - Mister Negative uses his piece to create an evil army and give him unimaginable power.
  • Vulture - Vulture uses his to create an army of cyborgs with his glider suit and mutated "Man-Vultures."
  • Carnage - Carnage uses his piece to summon the symbiotes "Lasher", "Shriek", "Agony", "Phage", and "Anti-Venom".
  • Demo-Goblin and Silvermane appear as PS3 exclusives. Calypso and Dragon-Man appear as DS exclusives.

Earth-Z (Zombieverse)/Final Dimension.Edit

  • Puma - Puma is Zombie Spidey's first henchman.
  • Hobgoblin - He is Zombie Spidey's second henchman.
  • Black Cat - She is zombie spideys 3rd henchman.
  • Electro - He is zombie spideys 4th and last henchman.
  • Spider-Man - Zombie Spidey uses his piece to summon all zombies.
  • Cardiac appears as a PS3 exclusive. Juggernaut appears as a DS exclusive.