Spider-man Vs Mortal Kombat is a crossover movie with Spider-man And Mortal Kombat.It is said to be released on January 1st,2011 In it Spider-man[Played by tobey maguire] Battles Jerry Sands a corrupt Police officer who betrayed earthrealm to Shang Tsung[Played by cary hiroyuki tagawa]He meets Mokap Johnny Cage and Li Mei and teams up with them to defeat Jerry and Shang Tsung.He meets and is romantically involved with Sonya


Tobey Maguire-Spider-Man

Kiefer Sutherland-Jerry Sands

Chihiro Otsuka-Li Mei

Antonio Esfendiari-Mokap

Linden Ashby-Johnny Cage

Sandra Hess-Sonya Blade

Cary Hiroyuki Takawa-Shang Tsung

Donald Sutherland-Hermie Sands

Matthew Broderick-Mr.Mime

Robin Shou cameos as Liu Kang