Spider man 5:the wrath of billy alameda is a movie to be scheduled for release on march 28th 2011.Tobey mcguire and Kirsten dunst return as the heroine and hero.Tim Allen also stars as the demented evil scientist main villain Billy Alameda who wishes to take over Kenya with his nanobots

Kristen Dunst:Mary Jane,The main heroine of the movie she is kidnapped by Billy Alameda who than injects her with a poison but spider-man gets the antidote as soon as she is poisoned so she lives

Peter Parker:Spider-man,The main hero who looked up to Alameda until he realizes Alameda was a fraud this whole time

Kiefer Sutherland:Forrest Wright one of alameda's henchmen he is loyal to billy and kills people who alameda deems to have betrayed him.Is killed himself when he is run over by a runaway B48 bus in Brooklyn

Tim Allen:Billy Alameda a demented nanobt scientist who wishes to use his nanobots to take over kenya he almost succedds but is shot ot death by Larry Donnelly

Willem Dafoe:Larry Donnelly a cop who is hot on the trail of Alameda he shoots him in the heart killing him and stopping his plans

Clifton Collins Jr:Lucas Guerrero a random person who helps Spider-man in his fight against Billy Alameda

Elisha Dusku:Tira,one of Alameda's unstable henchwomen she takes every loss personal and shoots anyone who beats her spider-man being the only exception as he disarms her leaving Larry Donnelly to arrest her