Amazing Spiderman -696

Cover for #696

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Endgame: Prolouge was the storyline that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #696. It was part one of three of the prolouge for Endgame.


Peter Parker returns from work, only to find his house destroyed, his loved ones injured or dead. Filled with rage, he collapses. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn collects Spider-Man's greatest foes, telling them that it is time to break Spider-Man's mind. Meanwhile, guilt-striken, Peter is attacked by Venom's symbiote (which had been looking for a host since Venom's death in #687), and it bonds with him using his anger and hate to make the bond nearly permanent. He morphs into a gun-toting machine.


The issue has recieved mixed reception from most critics, many claiming it didn't do the previous plotline justice. However, it sold remarkably.


For the Endgame Prolouge and Endgame itself, Stan Lee returned to writing the book, while Todd McFarlane joined on to illistrate it.