This is a reboot after the amazing spider-man series is over.


Peter Parker gets bit by a radioactive spider. After a criminal kills his Uncle Ben he must become Spider-Man and avenge his death. A new villain, Mysterio, has his thugs tear the city apart and steal scientific research so Mysterio can perfect his illusions, create Super-Thugs and have all of New York bow down to him. Mysterio's first victim is Dr. Curt Connors, Peter's Boss. He cuts off the doctors arm and steals all his research. First his lead thug, Herman Schultz, is mutated by the stolen research into Mysterio's head henchman, The Shocker. Mysterio makes a suit for him to protect him from the shocks he can now create with his bare hands. Later, a lab-rat, MacDonald Gargan, gets mutated with stolen Scorpion blood exposed to radioactivity, he gets a mechanical Scorpion tail to control with his mind, as he is now merged to it. Mysterio kidnaps Felicia Hardy and Aunt May and Peter has to save them. He defeats Mysterio and Shocker is put in the R.A.F.T but The Scorpion is left at large.


  • Patrick Fugit - Spider-Man/Peter Parker
  • Bruce Campbell - Mysterio/Quentin Beck
  • Chris Evans - Shocker/Herman Schultz
  • John Cena - The Scorpion/MacDonald Gargan
  • Heather Graham as Felicia Hardy


The sequel will feature Dr. Connors with his now retrieved Lizard expiriment to grow his arm back. But Mysterio altered it and Spidey retrieved it before Mysterio could make a new super-thug. Unaware of this Connors injects the now ruined mutated Lizard blood into his body, and now off and on turns into a creature called... The Lizard! Also, it may feature Kraven or Morbius.