This is a video-game based off the film.


  1. Spider-Man must confront the new super-villain Calypso, who, when cured, turns back to Dr. Calypso Elizi.
  2. Dr. Elizi goes to Africa and is guided through the forest by Sergei Kravenoff. Meanwhile, a super-soldier named Tarantula steals Dr. Connors' super-serum and increases his power!
  3. A scientist tests his telerortation serum on himself and becomes The Spot!
  4. Dr. Connors' injects a contaminated serum into himself without knowing and turns into The Lizard.
  5. After Spider-Man cures The Lizard another scientist accidentaly mutates himself into Molten Man.
  6. Kraven The Hunter is unleashed and Spider-Man must track him down!
  7. Kraven confronts Dr. Connors and chases him until he trips and falls into a vat of the contaminated Lizard serum!
  8. The Lizard is stronger and more powerful! He smashes a glass container and the glider suit he created falls out. An ex-scientist there, Adrien Tomes, steals this invention and becomes... The Vulture!
  9. After battling Vulture Spider-Man confronts Kraven who is hunting down The Lizard. Spider-Man must confront Kraven!
  10. An intern at the labs walks in looking for doctor coonors and trips and falls in a puddle of nueclear puma blood The Lizard smashed out of its container... he mutates into... The Puma!
  11. At last Spider-Man must battle The Lizard!