This is the fourth season of The Web of Spider-Man. It debuts The Vulture, Beetle, Jack 'O Lantern, the third Hobgoblin and other characters.

Name: Plot: Other:
The Vulture and The Slayer Adrien Tomes takes over Oscorp. When his idea to create a gliding suit resembling a monstrous Vulture, he goes mad. He creates robots to kidnap the board and destroy them, but when Spider-Man stops it, and Tomes goes madder. He turns them into Spider-Slayers and commands them to target Spidey. After Tomes is locked away in The Vault, he has a Spider Slayer that is disguised as a guard free him, and he grabs his glider suit out of storage... This is the debut of Adrien Tomes and the comeback of the Spider Slayers.
The Vulture and The Arachnid Tomes is gone... there is only... The Vulture! Now Tomes took his suit back and became the criminal called The Vulture! He has a plan to smash... The Spider! This is the first time Tomes is shown as the Vulture.
To Smash a Spider Spider-Man has his final showdown with The Vulture! And now Peter and Mary Jane have became boy-friend and girl-friend! This is the first time Mary Jane and Peter go on a date.
The Nine Lives of The Cat The Black Cat returns and confronts the daughter of Allan Silvermane, Silver Sable! Plus, Spider-Man catches a glimpse of Ned Leeds leaving Hammerheads old hideout! This is the reappearence of both Black Cat and Silver Sable.
Secrets, Confessions, and Lies Pt. 1: Secrets Its been a month since Spider-Man let The Tarantula jump off a bridge and The Hobgoblin get crushed by the falling debris. Has Spider-Man lost it? He's been seeing images of Ned Leeds all over! Meanwhile, Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus collaborate on reviving the Six since Tarantula killed himself by jumping off that bridge to his demise. This is the reappearence of both Dock Ock and Hammerhead.
Secrets, Confessions, and Lies Pt. 2: Confessions Mac Gargan has already been recruited for Hammerhead and Ock's new Six. Meanwhile, Felicia Hardy reveals the origin of The Black Cat and how Silvermane was involved in her creation! This is the reappearence of The Scorpion and the revealation of Black Cat's origin.
Secrets, Confessions,

and Lies Pt. 3: Lies

Max Dillon, Adrien Tomes, and Aleksi Sytsevich, Electro, Vulture, and Rhino, are recruited for Ock's revived Six. Meanwhile, a burglar known as The Prowler is commiting robberies across the city, and he's the only one who has the secrets about Ned Leeds. This is the reappearence of Electro, Vulture, and Rhino, and also the debut of The Prowler.
The Prowler and The Man Named Nick Fury The Prowler tells Spider-Man his life-story, and a man named Nick Fury has to do with it! Meanwhile, while Felecia Hardy has dissapeared, Silvermane gathers his own blueprints and the only man to help him do so goes by the name... Wolfgang VonStrucker! This is the first appearence of Nick Fury and also the debut of Baron Strucker. It is also the origin of Prowler.
Sugar and Spice and Every That's Mental,

an Organism, and Designed Only For Killing!

Spider-Man is recruited for a team called The Avengers, and there first mission: take down M.O.D.O.K.! This is the debuts of Captain America, Ant-Man, Wasp, Black Panther, Hulk, Wolverine, Hawk-Eye, Namor, Thor and M.O.D.O.K.

Spider-Man is confronted by Deadpool, somebody who has bad blood with a certain avenger called Wolverine! Deadpool starts a show and broadcasts it live over the air on every single channel, where he has two "contestants" held up in a dunk-tank over a huge vat of acid, and whoever decides to dunk the other first lives --- uhh, I mean, uhh, wins!

This is the reappearence of Deadpool.
The Trouble With Ned Pt. 1: The Sight of The Beetle Is an Omen of Death! Spider-Man confronts the supposedly dead Anton Rodriguez... A.K.A. The Tarantula! But this creepy crawler is someone different... and now he's taken up the alter ego of The Tarantula! Meanwhile, a new payed assassin... no, not Deadpool or Elektra... but he's like them combined times twelve... yep! That's right! He's... The Beetle! This is the debut of both the 2nd Tarantula and The Beetle.
The Trouble With Ned Pt. 2: A Jack-'O-Lantern Is Among Us! Ned tracks down Spider-Man and attacks him! This time, though, he's not the Hobgoblin, he's... Jack-'O-Lantern! This is the debut of Jack-'O-Lantern.
The Clone Saga Pt. 1: Don't Mess With a Jackal! Miles Warren is forced by Jack-'O-Lantern to make something to defeat Spider-Man, and he takes a sample of Spider-Man's hair and creates a clone, Spider-Woman! This is the debut of Spider-Woman and Miles Warren.
The Clone Saga Pt. 2: Spider-Carnage Kletus Cassidy is seperated from the symbiote by Jack-'O-Lantern in parts of a new plan, and now, Ben Riley is the new Carnage! This is the reappearence of Carnage and Scarlet Spider.
The Clone Saga Pt. 3: Come The Jackal! Miles Warren is forced to invent 1 more clone as Spider-Woman becomes a hero, and Miles Morales invents a new clone, Kaine! After Warren is no longer needed, Jack-'O-Lantern knocks him down into a vat of nueclear sludge, and all that is seen is a furry green hand emerging from the toxic waste! This is the origin of The Jackal and the debut of Kaine.
The Clone Saga Cloneclusion Spider-Man finds out he was cloned, and gets attacked by Kaine. N/A
His Name Was Ben After Spider-Man puts an end to Jack-'O'-Lantern, Kaine and The Jackal, he takes some time to sit down and remember Uncle Ben. Most of this episode is a flashback.
The Return of Molten Man Mark Raxton returns and no knows how to contain The Molten Man inside a solid gold-armor formed out of pure Molten Rock. He finally decides to re-unite with his best-friend and step-sister, Liz Allan, and regain a normal life, but Hammerhead and The Enforcers have there own plans! This is the reappearence of Hammerhead, his Enforcers, and Molten Man.