In an alternate reality Peter Parker is named JP Darker and Mary Jane is named Shary Shane Batson. Shary Shane resembles Mary Jane only she has dark hair. JP Darker resembles Peter only he has red hair. JP and Shary Shane are in love. But the hob goblin ruthlessly kills Shary Shane and JPs aunt Terra and hurts Darker. Darker is angered by this and creates a costume that resembles spidermans only it doesn't have webbing, it doesn't have the spider symbol it has a gun symbol, and it is a dark brown costume and he is called Vengeance-man not spiderman. He violently murders the hob goblin in his sleep and then blows up his lab. Then he kills the green goblin, dr octupus, and Silvermane. In the alternate universe Sandman is called Mudman. Darker begins working for Mudman and then one day planet Earth is blown up by aliens and Darker and Mudman are the only survivors. They live on an alien planet called Zarrutica for 2 years but then one day it is destroyed by the same alien race. The aliens who destroyed Earth and Zarrutica were from planet Neptune and called the Neptuns. They are humanoid sea turtles that fight with lightsabers and laser guns. Then Vengeance-man and Mudman escape to Peters reality. Vengeance-man mistakes Mary Jane Watson for Shary and flirts with her. But when he finds out that she isn't Shary he kidnaps her and torments her. But then spiderman comes to save the day and defeats Vengeance man and then Vengeance man kills Mudman because he doesn't like being used. Vengeance man is arrested. One day he breaks out of jail and rematches with spidey. Silvermane aged Vengeance man to death. So his aging high tech device was destroyed and he was killed by Hydro man. Then Vengeance man is ressurected but he is an old man. So he uses a youth draining device on Tony Stark and becomes young again while Tony Stark is a decrepit old man. He holds Tony hostage and then Spidey comes to save the day. He beats up Vengeance man. He hands the youth draining device to Tony Stark. Tony Stark drains Darker,s youth and reverts back to normal while Darker reverts back into an old man. They help him out and give him a youth potion that reverts him back into Peter Parkers age. Spiderman, Iron man, and Vengeance man allied and destroyed the whole Neptun race. Shary and Aunt Terra are ressurrected and then so is JP,s alternate reality planet Earth. JP becomes good quits being a super villain and marries Shary. Spiderman and Iron man then leave his reality.