(I'm not yet done with this yet.) Your friendly neighborhood spiderman is a CG series. In the first episode it includes spidermans origin and spiderman battling the lizard. After the lizard he battles the green goblin and then he battles Electro. And then Doc Ock. Kraven the hunter appears in the first season. Mike Sinterniklaas voices Spiderman in this. Spidermans costume is red and black. Peter Parker has blond hair in this. Harry Osborne has black hair and glasses. Norman Osborne has black hair thats Harrys same hair style only it has gray sideburns. And he has no glasses. Doc Ock has spiked blond hair in this version. Electros head is a big lightning bolt. This series has five seasons. The first two seasons have thirteen episodes and then the third and fourth seasons have fifteen episodes. The green goblin looks the same as he does in the old comics except he looks sorta like a frog. A frog with sharp teeth.

Season 1 episode list

episode 1 a heros origin

episode 2 The Green Goblin

episode 3 feel the lightning

episode 4 danger part 1

episode 5 danger part 2

episode 6 the shocker

episode 7 the return of the shocker

episode 8 gobby is back

episode 9 a new gobby

episode 10 the hunter!

episode 11 Hammerhead

episode 12 horned guy

episode 13 Kraven and Scorpion

list of season 2 episodes

episode 1 Uh oh.

episode 2 the shocker is back

episode 3 Sandman

episode 4 Sandman returns.

episode 5 Rhinos return.

episode 6 the symbiote

episode 7 black suited spidey

episode 8 a third green goblin

episode 9 Morbius part 1

episode 10 Morbius part 2

episode 11 Morbius part 3

episode 12 Venomous Venom

episode 13 murderous Venom

list of season 3 episodes

episode 1 black cat

episode 2 black cat & spidey versus the lizard part 1

episode 3 black cat & spidey versus the lizard part 2

episode 4 black cat & spidey versus the lizard part 3

episode 5 Venom is back

episode 6 sinister six

episode 7 Carnage.

episode 8 showdown

episode 9 silvermane

episode 10 the hobgoblin

episode 11 hulk

episode 12 third goblin is back

episode 13 spiderman rocks

episode 14 a murder

episode 15 RIP Captain Stacy